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News, Info, & Events

In this section you will find info on what's new, coming soon, Local and National events, and new locations to find our fine Gluten Free Products.

July 2016 Bagel Nash **UPDATE**

We proudly delivered a fresh batch to the Original Location. 
convieniently located at 7355 Bayview ave at Laureleaf Rd.  Just 1km north of Steeles Ave E


July 2016 Equipment upgrade/ Plant Improvements 

July 2016 saw the upgrade of our dough dividing abilities.  The Reiser VMAG 500B will ensure the continued availability of our incredibly popular Gluten Free Products.  The VMAG 500B can produce over 120 bagels per minute currently, or 7200 bagels per hour.  This increase in production, puts Nates Bagels as the largest bagel producer in Canada (that we're aware of).  The high Speed Dough divider is very versitile, and can produce many products of any size.  From bagels to breads, to cookies and buns, the VMAG will keep you fed!

In addition to the production equipment, we have purchased a

Ventilation and air quality unit.  This will ensure our staff are cool and comfortable during the hot and steamy summers.  This, of course translates into better products for you, our valued customers.

Coming soon...

Exciting new products that are in the works and when they are going to launch...

July 2016 Snack Cakes

So far during this very busy summer, our  R & D department has been working feverishly on our newest gluten free offering.

Right now they are only available at our Rayette Rd production facility during our testing phase.  The flavour line up is Vanilla or Double Chocolate.  In September 2016 we will introduce several other flavours including, Chocolate Chip, Mocha, Blueberry, Orange Cream, and Lemon.

These Snack Cakes are ideal for school or camp lunches.  They are peanut/nut free, dairy free, corn free, gluten free.  Light and airy, never crumbly or dry.  They also sport a shelf life of 10 days or more at room temp.


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