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Who Is Nate?

    Growing up in my house meant one thing for sure on the weekends, family gatherings.  Sundays in particular hold a fond place in my heart.  Just the thought sends waves of memories flooding to my head, consuming me with the sights, smells, sounds, and of course the flavours of family!

    Of all the memories of family I have, the one that is probably my favourite, is the weekly ritual of my Dad and I going to the neighbourhood bakery for the mornings freshest.

    Still hot from the oven my mind was going crazy from the intoxicating aroma.  We would have to get two dozen because the first would be half gone by the time we got home.

    Along with the bagels we would get the usual suspects in this all star lineup.  Cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato & red onion.

    The moment we got home I would park myself beside my grandfather Nathan, Nate for short, and enjoy my favourite lunch!

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