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Mission Statement

-From Our Founder-

Our mission is quite simple, to provide the very best quality Gluten Free products possible.  This means we take great care in sourcing top of the line ingredients possible to bring you the very best we have to offer.

At Nates, we searched the world to find very specific flours, starches, and other baking ingredients to achieve the results we desired.  In addition to ingredients, every effort is made to ensure that each item we source for our production gets the same attention to detail.  Our commitment to having clean label products, and eco-safe cleaning supplies helps us to ensure the quality from raw ingredients to our finished goods.

Gluten Free foods all have several things in common.  Dry, crumbly, little or no texture, bitter, chemical taste, and an unpleasant flavour.  Until now.

With over 18 years of Gluten Free baking experience, and years of research and development, Nates has broken all the rules.  A new age of Gluten Free foods is upon us, and Nates is leading the way.  Our main goal is to provide a near gluten experience.  We quickly learned that traditional methods of Gluten Free baking wouldn't do it ever.

Through a mastery of flours, blending, mixing and production techniques, we achieved and surpassed our wildest expectations.

You can always expect the best from Nates!

Stephen Goldberg


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